Pawsitive Reading Program...

Our Pawsitive Reading program uses the power of the human/animal bond to help children improve reading, comprehension and communication skills, and build confidence and self-esteem. Literacy specialists acknowledge that obstacles hindering reading advancement melt away when children read to therapy dogs. Reading is critical to a child’s success in life. A common trait of children who excel in school is a love of reading. Reading programs such as Pawsitive Reading have been enjoying success around the county since 1999.

Reading teams with Paws For Responsibility consist of a human trainer and a canine companion. Each team has a background in obedience and socialization, skills necessary in a controlled or unfamiliar environment. Each team must pass our strict testing and evaluations to qualify for our program.

Currently we have teams in place in elementary schools and an additional four teams supply a library with furry listeners once a month. You’ll notice children carefully positioning the book so the dog can see the pictures . . . and it’s not uncommon to hear, ”He really listens well!”.

Recommended Reading List...

Totally Fun Things to Do with Your Dog (Play with Your Pet) by Maxine Rock

Games and activities for Kids and Canines…
Everything from basic training to frisbee throwing and jumping through hoops…. Literally. This book’s upbeat language and fun content make it a sure winner! What fun to try, and even better, to read to a willing pet!

The Complete Dog Book for Kids (AKC) by American Kennel Club

This official publication of the American Kennel Club will be a favorite with dog lovers. It advises readers on buying a dog, responsibilities, rewards, and how to match a dog with one's situation. More than 100 breeds, photos included, with information on history, appearance, health, and "fun facts”, and good advice about nutrition and health issues.
Also Includes:
• Tips for finding the right dog for you
• Health care and training basics
• Information about the world of purebred dogs, from Junior Showmanship competitions to the informal Canine Good Citizen program

Everything Dog: What Kids Really Want to Know About Dogs (Kids' FAQs) by Marty Crisp
Everything Dog is not a typical dog book… it answers Kids' FAQs in an informal, kid-friendly way. What's a dog's tail for? “How come my dog never seems to watch TV with me?” “Can dogs remember stuff?” Author and journalist Marty Crisp has carefully researched the answers to these types of questions, and shares them here. Did you know that dogs date back 30 million years? Did you know that dogs whose ears perk up can hear better, while those whose ears droop down can smell better? Perfect for young readers who are animal lovers, and for kids who are always asking "Why?"

A Dog's Best Friend: An Activity Book for Kids and Their Dogs by Lisa Rosenthal, John Caruso
This guidebook helps children establish friendships with their dogs and develop responsibility by caring for them... For Parents: discusses things to consider before bringing a dog home, how to choose the right one for your family, foster dog care as a preliminary tryout, and more. The main text covers puppy care, "creature comforts," safety, food, games, and projects. More than 60 activities including crafts, recipes, and games are suggested, as are helpful hints to make vet visits and travel with pets easier. Concluding sections have an extensive reading list.

Raising Riley : A Kid's First Lab Puppy by Doug Truax

Take a rambunctious boy, an equally high-spirited Labrador puppy, and parents who want to channel these restless energies in positive directions. Add to this combination of yips and yells and puppy-dog tales several real lessons that kids and adults can use to train their own retriever puppies – and the result is a delightful children's storybook that can be read aloud and shared with the entire family.
…By participating in the hands-on training of Riley, Tyler learns important lessons about friendship, discipline, and responsibility – lessons he applies in the nick of time to help save his young dog from impending disaster.
Raising Riley will be read enthusiastically by all kids and adults who own a dog or anticipate getting one. And children who have read Raising Riley will come away with not only a good story, but the basis for training their own pet.

Get The Ball, Slim (Real Kids Readers. Level 1)
by Marcia Leonard, Dorothy Handelman

A beginning reader illustrated with clear, full-color photographs of people and props dramatically placed on all-white backgrounds. The books feature twins Tim and Jim playing with their dog. The characters' exaggerated expressions provide readers with obvious picture clues. These phonics-based stories are appropriate for beginning readers, and include suggestions for reading with children, and helpful phonics guidelines. Kids will enjoy the simple antics of these characters and have successful reading experiences.